Know About Different Types Of Power Wheelchairs

The use of power wheelchairs is getting increased by disabled and seniors.With the use of this, people with limited mobility will get the freedom to move in the community, apartments, and other places. These wheelchairs are present in the market in different types. So, if you are going to buy the one, then it is vital to have the proper information regarding the types which are described below.

Rear wheel drive

The power wheelchairs with rear wheel drive allow the users to get maneuverability while driving even at high speed. When it comes to the turning radius, then it has the larger one which basically requires more space for making turns. Another eye-catching factor is that it comes with directional stability. Thus, it tracks naturally straight, so the chances of oversteering are less.

Mid wheel drive

These power wheelchairs are also known as the center drive because the drive system is located in the middle. This option is considered as the ideal option for the people who want to use it in malls, apartments, and some other places which have limited space. In order to transport it, there is a requirement of vehicle lift or accessible van because it is not easy to transport. We can use it on flat and indoor surfaces with ease; however, it can’t be run over rough terrain.

Front wheel drive

The power wheelchairs of front wheel drive are known for the stability.  There are many people who give preference to this option. It has the ability to curbs up to 2” high and goes over bumps. If we talk about the turning radius, then there is a misconception that it has the smallest turning radius which is not true. It can efficiently run even in the tight corners.