Benefits of Non-12 Step Treatment Over 12 Step Rehab Treatment

With a lot of treatment options being available for drug addiction, there are no two similar cases. If you struggle with which treatment option is viable for treating alcoholism and drug addiction, then this article will help you decide.

While a 12-step program basically focuses on group discussions and companion support, the Non-12 step program lays emphasis on understanding your mindset and inner self.

A few benefits of Non-12 step program over 12-step program are described below.

Reasons why the 12-step program can be a failure

There are various reasons behind the failure of the 12-step program; some say it interferes with their work schedule while others don’t like the strict and rigid rules of the traditional 12-step approach. Some individuals find it difficult to detail their experiences with total strangers as everyone doesn’t like the idea of group sharing.

Scientific approach

It has been shown in research that the recovery rates are quite high in Non 12 step rehabs as the program can make it easier to achieve sobriety. The traditional 12-step program uses outdated and unscientific approaches to treat individuals, and this is one of the primary reasons behind potential failure.

Treatment based on evidence

The Non-12 step program is based on the analysis, and the customized, individual care provided to the addict. The Non-12 step program is designed in accordance to your unique case history.

The Non-12 step program uses the latest techniques available for helping patients recover fully from addiction. People who didn’t respond to the traditional 12-step program may have a far better chance to respond and recover with the Non-12 step program.